Our social emotional programs:


  • Advisory groups

  • Peer Mediation

  • Sanford Harmony

  • Restorative circles


About these programs:


These are social emotional programs that are incorporated to help students deal with their feelings; creating a place for conversation, mediation, and relationship building.



Our Sports/STEM offerings:


  • Champs sports

  • Varsity Basketball

  • Brooklyn Nets partnership

  • Urban Advantage science/Stem

  • Technology Lab


About these programs:

These programs provide students with the opportunity to participate in fun, safe, and supervised sports, fitness, and science activities during and after school.













Additional offerings:


  • Urban Word/ MSQI

  • Sonyc

  • School Dances

  • Movie Night

  • 1st Friday for families


About these offerings:


These offerings provide students and families the opportunity to embrace the spirit of togetherness through the form of varied events/programs in the school.

Community service programs:


  • Student Council

  • Upstanders Pledge

  • Cafe Culture Recycling

  • Breast Cancer walk

  • Harvey Milk LGBTQ partnership

  • CitiBank IT for Women

  • Respect for all/ Spirit week


About these programs:


These programs are designed to create an environment of empathy and service in our school where students take a stand for causes that benefit and edify all.


Academic & Professional opportunities:


  • College Tours

  • Learning Journeys

  • Music Club

  • Career Day

  • Honor Roll incentive trips

  • Mock Trial

  • Perfect attendance assemblies


About these programs:


These programs are based on encouraging academic and personal growth and confidence.  

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