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Welcome to PS/MS 34!

Serving Students 3K thru 8th Grade

in an environment that fosters


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All Visitors to PS/MS 34
must show proof of one dose of Vaccination


Check out PS/MS 34's 
amazing winter concert!!!


PS/MS 34 was honored that Mayor De Blasio and

Chancellor Porter joined us for the last day of the school year 2021

Thank you Mr. Garcia & Ms. Potash!!!


In School Year 2021-2022, PS/MS 34 Franklin D. Roosevelt School will continue our mission to transform our community by developing culturally responsive and sustaining practices that center students over standards.  We will build partnerships with students so we can find creative solutions to local, national, and global community challenges.  Our school environment will have student work in every space so we can celebrate our learning.


PS/MS 34 Franklin D. Roosevelt School learners will interact and engage in learner-driven, culturally responsive and sustaining spaces with interdisciplinary experiences that promote Curiosity, Creativity, and Community - giving learners the agency to co-create meaning and content and seek opportunities to have a positive impact on their local, national, and global communities.


What we are built on


At PS/MS 34 Franklin D. Roosevelt School, we believe learners learn best when...


… they know themselves and find joy in learning about themselves and the world in which they live.


… learning experiences connect to multiple skills and understandings, removing silos between content areas.


… they advocate for change - pushing back against inequities to improve local, national, and global communities.


… teachers are ethnographers (researching who our students are) and documentarians of/for learning.


… school leaders set the stage for risk-taking while providing clear expectations that enable agency in learning for everyone.


… caregivers participate in the school community as learners, teachers, leaders, and partners.

Together we are stronger

Academics & Enrichment

At PS/MS 34, learning is guided by student interest, passions and enthusiasm. Students are celebrated for their strength and resilience, and make real world connections in all subject areas.