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Staff Directory

Elementary Grades

Email 1
Email 2
3K115Ms. D. RodriguezDRodriguez143@schools.nyc.gov 
Pre-K113Ms. MercadoIMercado2@schools.nyc.gov 
Kinder105Ms. Ferrer | Ms. Dennelly (ICT)YFerrer@schools.nyc.govSDennelly@schools.nyc.gov
Kinder Self-Cont201Ms. MontesJMontes11@schools.nyc.gov 
101202Ms. Miranda | Ms. Dell’Amore (ICT)MMiranda8@schools.nyc.govIDellamore@schools.nyc.gov
201209Ms. Schook | Ms. McLafferty (ICT)BSchook@schools.nyc.govEMcLafferty2@schools.nyc.gov
301211Ms. Davis | Ms. Ruiz (ICT)HDavis12@schools.nyc.govNRuiz32@schools.nyc.gov
302 G&T214Ms. DanglerCDangler@schools.nyc.gov 
401213Ms. Orsini | Ms. Blair (ICT)LOrsini3@schools.nyc.govEBlair5@schools.nyc.gov
402 G&T218Ms. MartinezNMartinez24@schools.nyc.gov 
501216Ms. Colon | Ms. Aquino (ICT)JColon25@schools.nyc.govEAquino3@schools.nyc.gov

Middle Grades

ClassRoomTeacher/sEmail 1Email 2
6/7/8 – Math309Mr. Del Rio | Ms. Johnson (ICT)JDelRio2@schools.nyc.govNJohnson70@schools.nyc.gov
6 – ELA315Ms. J Rodriguez | Ms. McKenzie (ICT)JRodriguez30@schools.nyc.govKMckenzie5@schools.nyc.gov
7 – ELA315Ms. J Rodriguez | Ms. Williams-Harold (ICT)JRodriguez30@schools.nyc.govBWilliamsHarold@schools.nyc.gov
8 – ELA317Mr. Gutierrez | Ms. Williams-Harold (ICT)EGutierrez14@schools.nyc.govBWilliamsHarold@schools.nyc.gov
6/7/8 – SS314Mr. Cusumano | Ms. Williams Harold (ICT)KCusumano@schools.nyc.govBWilliamsHarold@schools.nyc.gov
6/7/8 – SCI318Ms. MunozKPintavalle@schools.nyc.gov

Cluster | Out-of-Classroom Roles

Class Room Teacher/s Email
Phys Ed / HealthGymMs. BarryABarry15@schools.nyc.gov
Elem Science313Ms. KnightCKnight2@schools.nyc.gov
Music302Ms. PayneLPayne10@schools.nyc.gov
Visual Arts320Ms. GershonSGershon@schools.nyc.gov






201209Ms. KamerajDKameraj@schools.nyc.gov
3K115Ms. PinaJPina4@schools.nyc.gov
101202Ms. QujanoFQuijano@schools.nyc.gov
Kinder Self Cont201Ms. TokarATokar@schools.nyc.gov
Pre-K113Ms. VegaIVega2@schools.nyc.gov
601variousMr. WaltersJWalters5@schools.nyc.gov




Carpio, Mendoza



Wesley Chambers, School Food Manager


Related Services

307Ms. Clotter (MS Guidance Counselor)AClotter2@schools.nyc.gov
102Ms. Fiol (ES Guidance Counselor)NFiol@schools.nyc.gov
301Ms. Seuram (ENL/Inst Coach)WRahamanSeuram@schools.nyc.gov
301Ms. Kytoski (SpEd Liaison/Inst Coach)SKytoski@schools.nyc.gov
220Ms. Remar (Speech/SpEd Liaison)JRemar2@schools.nyc.gov


312Ms. Rosario (Psychologist)NRosario20@schools.nyc.gov
312Ms. Plasencia (Social Worker)VPlasencia@schools.nyc.gov
312Ms. Iacono (Family Worker)DIacono@schools.nyc.gov
212Mental Heath Clinic (University Settlement) 

Office Staff – Dial 0 or Extension below

101Ms. Concepcion (Supervising School Aide)RConcepcion6@schools.nyc.gov
101Mr. Wong (Secretary)DWong18@schools.nyc.gov
102Ms. Lo (Assistant Principal)JLo2@schools.nyc.gov
101Mr. Chianese (Assistant Principal)AChiane@schools.nyc.gov
103Mr. Sanchez (Principal)ESanchez23@schools.nyc.gov

School Safety



Agent Welch





Custodial Staff



Zuniga, Williams, Robertson, Cruz


ClassRoom Teacher/s
School SafetyMainAgent Allen | Agent Garavito
Medical Office102Nurse Safforld
Custodial Staff121Mr. Zuniga | Mr. Williams | Mr. Robertson | Mr. Cruz
CafeteriaKtichenMs. Carpio | Mr. Mendoza
PTA107Ms. Hunter

All students with disabilities who require special education services have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The IEP contains information about your child’s interests, strengths, needs, goals, and educational program. It is a legal document that describes how the DOE will provide your child:

  • A Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  • In the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

Learn More Here

  • Arts

    All public school students should have access to high-quality arts education, which may include dance, moving image, music, theater, and/or visual arts.

  • Career Connected Learning

    Find Career Connected Learning programs by industry or topic area.

  • Civics for All

    Civics for All helps schools support students in making connections between history, current events, and democratic structures.

  • English Language Arts

    In English Language Arts (ELA) students learn to become effective readers and writers.

  • Health Education

    Health education is a required academic subject for students in all grades. In this class, students learn how to take care of their minds, their bodies, and their relationships with others.

  • Libraries

    School libraries are a critical part of your child’s education.

  • Literacy

    While New York City Public Schools each select their own literacy curriculum, there are common features that each classroom contains.

  • Math

    In Mathematics we teach students to have solid understanding of concepts, and to work through problems with skill and ease.

  • Physical Education

    Physical education (PE) is a required academic subject that teaches students how to be physically active.

  • Science

    Students are naturally curious, which makes them natural scientists. A strong science program helps them make sense of the physical world around them.

  • Social Studies

    In Social Studies students use rich content, major themes and big ideas to learn history, geography, economics, civics, citizenship, and government.

  • STEM

    STEM is an acronym for the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students can learn about STEM inside and outside the classroom.

Read below for additional information about the tests your child may be required to take depending on their grade level. For a complete list of tests, including tests with rolling dates, view the full list of city, state and national tests.

Spring 2022 NYS Grades 3-8 ELA and Math exam results are now available for families and schools. Families may access results via their NYC Student Account (NYCSA)(Open external link).

For questions regarding student participation in the New York State Grades 3-8 ELA and Math exams, refer to the annual Student Participation Family Guide. The 2022-23 Guide will be made available in the winter. The 2021-22 guide remains available for reference. Student Participation in Grades 3-8 New York State Tests – Family Guide.

Learn more here